This isn’t one of those things which people put on their website to say how they will or won’t use your information, I’m not quite sure if I should have one on here or not actually, probably not seeing as I don’t collect anyone’s information anyway, so just for the record, if I do, I will not sell it or give it to anyone. The only people who do give me their details are the spammers, who leave me a pointless comment on a post along with a link back to their website, they get deleted, but I wonder where I stand on the legal side of that if I were to gather up all those email addresses and give them all to someone else who will constantly market them, now there’s a funny thought.

I do have a friend who’s a lawyer, although he specializes in medical cases and getting compensation for his clients, so although he is a very well respected solicitor and he has won some very high profile cases, he almost certainly wouldn’t be in swindon courtsa position to offer advice on internet disclaimers. That would be a bit like going to a dinner party and realizing the person across the table from you is a nurse and then bothering them with your ailments all night, although I expect they are so used to it that they are experienced in fending people like that off.

I suppose I could find a legal statement on somebody elses website and adapt it for my own needs, or just ask my no win no fee solicitor friend if he knows someone who could write it for me, but no doubt that would come at a price.

Hmm, I appear to have done it again, started writing with something in mind, then digressed to the point that the entire post is about something else!