Making a Claim

We do seem to be following a bit of a pattern in the UK, following that of the US when it comes to many types of legal claims, not to mention the fact that all those no win no fee adverts which are all over the TV on weekday morning, tucked in with the loans adverts in between the housewives favorite Jeremy Kyle and some program about finding old tat in the loft or garage and then selling it to some poor unsuspecting soul at the local auction.

Anyway, the point being that the US culture of making legal claims has well and truly spread to the UK and that’s not to mention the fact that we are even calling them injury lawyers now, surely in UK language they should be called an accident swindon crown courtsolicitor or something similar? But again I expect that’s partly down to those big legal firms who dominate the advertising on daytime TV.

So what do these companies do? Well in very broad terms if you have had an accident of any type, be it a trip or fall, car accident, a medical problem which could be attributed back to the NHS or private health care professional, you may have cause to make a claim and this is where a firm of no win no fee solicitors will be able to help you. Whilst they do essentially serve the same purpose, it’s worth noting that many of the large companies out there who offer this type of service aren’t actually a firm of solicitors, sure they have or at least have access to legal professionals, but the people you speak to on the phone are just administrative people and dealing with them means you may never actually speak to a solicitor yourself.

On the other hand there are quite a lot of smaller local firms of solicitors who do offer the same no win no fee service but you will get to speak to the solicitor and probably even go to their offices to meet them or they may even do home visits. Although it seems like a major thing for solicitors to actually come to your house, it makes a lot of sense as, firstly you aren’t paying them if it’s a no win no fee situation, but also the reason they do this sometimes is because  the client may be incapacitated in some way.  If it’s a medical case, the client could be laid up in bed so although they are entitled to compensation would never be able to get it without home visits by their solicitor.