Improving my Workspace…… Probably!

Like an increasing number of people these days I work from home. I have a small office in the box room, but find it a bit claustrophobic shutting myself away in there all day, so more often than not I end up using my laptop in the kitchen. I just find it brighter and I can see right down the garden, which is lovely in the summer, although admittedly not so great on a dreary british afternoon in February. The kitchen has other benefits too, such as the cofffee machine being a few steps away and a much bigger table to lay all my paperwork out on if need be. The only downside is that I’m working in a space which is generally a bit tired, this kitchen was in when we bought the house over 15 years ago, and although it was fairly new then, it’s not looking so great these days, and I do believe you need a pleasant environment to work in, so what to do?the original kitchen

The obvious option is to get a new kitchen, that’s going to be pretty expensive because me being me will want new appliances to go with it and it’ll need to be painted or wallpapered too, so I guess I’m looking at upwards of £20k by the time it’s finished. Basically I don’t have £20k, and I’m very much of the mind that you save for what you want, rather than taking out loans or putting it on a credit card (that’s if the bank would even offer me that kind of credit limit, I’ve never asked and certainly don’t intend to).

The probem with that is I do like the kitchen, although it’s looking rather “used” these days, I’d probably end up with something fairly similar to what I have now.  Well, as luck would have it I had a friend round, her husband is a painter and decorator and she said it looked like what I have here already are hand painted kitchen units. I’d always assumed that the cupboard doors came out of the factory that way, but apparently not. She suggested I have the kitchen repainted, but apparently it’s a specialist job and not a parrticularly cheap one.

This got me thinking about it, why not paint it myself? I’m no artist, but for the cost of the paint and a bit of time, it would have to be a vast improvement on what I have now. In fact, if I keep the coulurs similar, I wouldn’t have to spend too much time rubbing down and undercoating. The finish the professionals get is fantastic, but for the sake of doing it myself, even if I can get it half as good, I can’t see why it wouldn’t see me through another 5-10 years, or aat least I can save up to have it painted properly or perhaps even have a completeely new kitchen.

So a quick flick around on Youtube and I’ve found plenty of instructionals on how to hand paint furniture, which must be essentially the same as painting kitchen cupboards, after all, both are wooden things which have paint applied to them to get the finish you need!

My research on the subject kept coming up with Holmans paints, which are specifically designed for painting kitchens, they aren’t cheap, but in the cheme of things a couple of hundred pounds on paint, compared to the thousandss I’d have to spend on a completeely neww kitchen is a no brainer.

So, here I am, or am I just here procrastinating?  Writing about my decission, half pleased with myself and half putting off pulling out my credit card for fear of spending the next 6 months staring at several unopened paint tins in the corner of the room. Decission is made, I should have a nice new office come kitchen soon, OK, let’s be realistic, it’s August now, perhaps by 2017!