SEO is a topic which I’m quite interested in, so you can expect a few posts about this here.  In essence I see search engine optimisation as falling into four main categories.  These are as follows:

  • Keyword Research – this is possibly the most commonly overlooked aspect of SEO or online marketing, with may companies having spent a small fortune (or a large one) on optimising for keywords which they will either never be found for their budget or simply for those with so little traffic that it’s just not worth bothering at all. So I will add some posts about how to do it effectively.
  • On Page Factors – this on the other hand is possibly the most over rated and emphasised aspect of SEO.  The internet is rife with companies all offering to tweak keyword density, alt tags etc, for a fee of course, when these aspects are becoming less and less important on a daily basis. The exception to this is the actual content of the pages or the copy, this can not be seo graphicemphasised enough. The search engines are not stupid and want good sites which visitors will like, but there will be much more on this later.
  • Off Page Factors – This without a doubt is the most important aspect of marketing a website, as the links to a page and those heading back out to yours, will literally make or break your site.
  • Reviewing – whilst not a technique in itself, it’s essential to review what you are doing and measure the results, any project needs to me measurable so if you are working on a site, don’t forget this important part of the strategy.

OK, to be fair, I’m just repeating what my friend steve at has said to me before, but it is sound advice

Of course there are many companies who can do all this for you, however you need to be careful as the number of good ones is limited, if you are in the UK like me, try doing a search for a company in England who specialise in search engine optimisation or look for a Wiltshire based seo consultancy (obviously replace this with the relevant county, or even be more specific and add Swindon or Newbury etc to the search string.  If they appear, they must be doing something right and potentially could be doing the same for your site.