What a great tool WordPress is. Just one or two clicks from a hosting account and it’s all set up and ready to be used. Then once it’s up and running you can add new pages and posts very easily and quickly, tag it for the right category and off you go.

The thing which I really like though is the fact that it all updates itself automatically, I remember having an html site in the past, but when I wanted to update the menu system or footer, I had to do it on every single page.  Not with WordPress.


Then you have all the plugins which have been developed, they really can enable it to do pretty much anything, from interlinking pages to adding a whole e-commerce system to the blog. More recently, due to an unfortunate event with my site, I’ve also discovered a number of security plugins which are available, this got me into looking at all the plugins (well, not all, that would be a bit too time consuming) which are available and you can find them to do pretty much anything you want.

OK, so you get the idea, I really like WP at the moment!